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Buy Id card online

Buy Id card online

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Are you ready to say No to bulky wallets and purses filled with numerous identification documents? Do you find it frustrating having to dig through your bag every time you need to present your ID? 

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ID cards for sale

An identity document (also called a piece of identification or ID, or colloquially as papers) is any document that may be used to prove a person’s identity. If issued in a small, standard credit card size form, it is usually called an identity card (IC, ID card, citizen card),[a] or passport card.

Some countries issue formal identity documents, as national id cards which may be compulsory or non-compulsory, while others may require id verification using regional identification or informal documents. When the identity document incorporates a person’s photograph, it may be called a photo ID. 

Our ID cards are perfect for anyone looking to streamline their identification and new identity creation. They are made with sophisticated security features and cutting-edge technology to provide a genuine and reliable form of identification.

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Buy ID card online
Buy ID card online

Fake and Real ID cards for sale online

In the absence of a formal identity document, a driver’s license may be accepted in many countries for identity verification. Some countries do not accept driver’s licenses for identification, often because in those countries they do not expire as documents and can be old or easily forged. Most countries accept passports as a form of identification. 

Some countries require all people to have an identity document available at any time. Buy id card online. Many countries require all foreigners to have a passport or occasionally a national identity card from their home country available at any time if they do not have a residence permit in the country.

The identity document is used to connect a person to information about the person, often in a database. The photo and the possession of it are used to connect the person with the documents. 

The connection between the identity document and the information database is based on personal information present on the document, such as the bearer’s full name, age, birth date, address, identification number, card number, gender, citizenship, and more. A unique national identification number is the most secure way, but some countries lack such numbers or don’t mention them on identity documents.

The features of our real/fake IDs

Here at House of Documents, we have never shifted its focus from security. Buy id card online. To prove this, we’re happy to enlist the major security features we can replicate for IDs:

  • Holograms are a key security feature found on ID cards. They comprise a series of elements that create an extra-dimensional effect for authenticity.
  • Biometric data makes your ID complete. We add it for additional security based on the inputs you submit.
  • Microtext is added to the necessary ID card sections to display important information, such as your name. Without it, you can’t buy a fake ID that raises no authenticity questions.
  • UV elements are also replicated. These are only visible under UV light, but we have the equipment to re-create them professionally.
  • Magnetic stripes are hard to get into IDs, but we’ve found a way to nail them to make a fake license online. They contain encrypted information that can be discovered by a card reader and prove your document is genuine.

Need more information? We stand by to be of help and answer all your questions about the cost of real or fake ID cards online, shipping time, and our technology.

Our priorities when creating a real/fake ID online

You will have lots of things to brag about after obtaining your ID cards online from House of Documents which includes:


    Small and compact, our IDs are easy to carry in a pocket, wallet, or purse. With one, you’ll never have to bulldoze through your stuff for your identification again.


    These IDs are affordable for any country and document type. This one-time investment will save you time and hassle.


    ID cards are replete with advanced security features to prevent unwanted attention and ensure the integrity of your identification.


    We offer customizable options for your identity, including name, age, and other identity information. We can utterly personalize your cheap fake ID online.

    Versatility. Our IDs are perfect for a plethora of purposes and jurisdictions, including identity proof and limited access to US citizens. You can use one to simplify your identification process for any aspect of your life.

    Also, we understand everyone’s identification needs are different. That’s why we present customizable options to ensure your ID meets your unique preferences. Whether you need a card to be used in the USA or a fake piece for fun, we’ve got you covered. Order a fake ID today and experience the convenience and security that comes with our documents. Our process is simple and hassle-free, while shipping is arranged swiftly.

    Buy Id card online
    Buy Id card online